Quick-Action Filter Changer


The ONIS Quick-Action Filter Changer is designed to optimize strainer change on pipes.
In traditional operation, strainers are inserted between two flanges in the pipe, which demands to unbolt flanges, pull out the pipe part with the new strainer, and bolt the flanges. Taking into account the line dimension, traditional operation induces a process shutdown of several hours, with a production loss extremely important.
The ONIS Quick-Action Filter Changer is a solution to minimize downtime, exposure time and reduce the risk of pollution.
Spread and clamp operations are the same as a classic Line Blind, except that slide gate is replaced by a special strainer holder. When one strainer is in line, the second one can be cleaned process in line.
Use of this ONIS Quick Filter Line Blind is wide, with possibility to adapt to a lot of media, liquid or gas.


  • Downtime is reduced to a minimum
  • Strainer replaced with zero tools
  • The new strainer can be set in position while the process is running
  • The system is expressly designed not to damage the new strainer when inserted in line
  • The second strainer can be cleaned while the process is running


  • 3″ 150# to 24″ 600#
  • Half-bodies: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel
  • Slide gate: Stainless Steel
  • FKM gaskets, special gaskets on demand
  • Filter in Stainless Steel
  • Manual or actuated gearbox and slide gate
  • Special dimensions, ratings, or filter adaptation, on demand