Quick-Action Line Blind

The simple and reliable ONIS Quick-Action Line Blind can be operated easily by only one person

  • Less than 1 minutes 1″ thru 8″
  • Less than 20 minutes 10″ thru 50″*

* Could change in function of technical specifications

Devices are available in special steels (carbon steel, stainless steel, Ni-Alloys…) for a wide range of temperatures, pressures and hydrocarbon products.
Fire safe design with graphite gaskets is also available


Traditional blinding


With ONIS Line Blind, one operator only and zero tools

Product range

Each ONIS Blind is custom built according to the specific data of each process.

Standard US
Dimension 1/2 ‘’ to 52’’
Rating 150# to 2500#
Pressure max Up to 6100 psi
Temperature -155°F to 1200°F
Standard ISO
Dimension 12mm to 1270mm
Rating  PN 20 to PN 420
Pressure max Up to 420 bars
Temperature -104°C to 650°C

The ONIS Quick-Action Line Blind is designed and manufactured to suit customer applications. The specific demands of the petrochemical and oil industries over the years have led to the innovative and patented design of a line blinding device that is simple and yet highly effective in providing ultra-safe line isolation.




With the aim of bringing you always more safety and guarantee in your installations, our products follow the standards ASME or any requested customer standards

ASME Section VIII Div-1B
ANSI B31.3
ASME B16.34
No welding in contact with the media
Forged materials only
ASME Sect II part D/ B31.3 according to ASTM/EN10204
NACE cert.MR-0175/ISO15156
ASME/ANSI B16.5, B16.48, B31.3…
Specific demand
Fire Safe API-607
Or any customer standards

100% of ONIS Line Blind are TESTED
Following ASME B31.3, API598, API6D, MSS SP61

Shell Test
1.5 x MAWP
Maximum Allowable Working Pressure

Leak Test
1.1 x MAWP
Maximum Allowable Working Pressure
Full rating class