Quick-Action Rupture Disk Changer

ONIS Line Blind can be used as a safety rupture disks changer.
In that case, one disk is in line, and when pressure blow out the disk, the Line Blind is operated to put in service the second disk.
The broken disk can be replaced while the process still running.



  • Downtime is reduced to a minimun
  • Disk replaced with zero tools
  • The new disk can be set in position while the process is running
  • The system is expressly designed not to damage the new disk when inserted in line



  • Special metallurgy and overlays on request (in regards with the process).
  • Manufacture with Monel 400, Nickel overlay, or with PTFE inserts.
  • Special threaded flange design (Model PLC), to reduce the flange to flange dimension (for special cases).